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Hello friends, we have BIG NEWS!!


CapSanta not only reached our goal for 2018, but we also exceeded it! This year we will be donating $26,000 to St. Jude Children's Hospital! That’s $6,000 more than last year!!! A huge step forward! Many thanks to all our wonderful friends and family who helped spread the word and reach thousands of people. We could not have had such a wonderful season without you. Our special thanks go to the amazing Janet Orvis Buxton and her friends and family, George and the Surfing Santas of Cocoa Beach, Debbie Cope and Cope family, Shabbi and my colleagues at FOX, Annapurna, Baby's Brilliant, Local Mercato, Tim & the Atacus team, my Paestum gang, our social media friends and celebs, Melisa & team at ShipBob, Efren, Amber Bohac and Tim, our business manager Patrick, and most of all Lula, business development exec and publicist, who dove in with all of her heart and passion. Thank you. To everybody out there who supported us and our mission, we thank you with all of our heart!


CapSanta wishes you all the most wonderful Holiday season!

Please visit St. Jude's web site for more.

With gratitude,


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